Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dates Stuffed with Ginger & Almonds

“As a healthy dessert, snack, or hors d'ouvres, stuffed dates are a multifaceted treat. Better make a double batch!” Is said about stuffed dates on ayurvedic website Joyful Belly where I got the idea for this recipe. Instead of crystallized ginger from the original recipe I made something like ginger jam so that the filling is firmer and stuffed dates can last for days. Here is more explanation from the original recipe: “Fall is the time of year to sweeten the blood. Dates and almonds nourish the blood plasma carrying sugars, fats, and proteins to nourish all cells, essential for helping the body prepare for colder days ahead. Dates and almonds, like most nourishing foods, are heavier to digest and should be paired with spices like ginger to stimulate the stomach and circulation.”
If you like healthy and healing foods, make a note of this recipe as a healthier alternative to Christmas cookies.